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ZCES Garden Harvest: Nurturing Connected Learners in Action
Hailey Sebahar

At Zephyr Cove Elementary School, a thriving school garden cultivates a sense of connection for young learners.

Recently, Ms. Metzler's 1st graders gathered an impressive harvest of 150 potatoes, a product of their initial planting endeavors last year in Kindergarten.

Embodying the essence of connected learning, Whittell High School's Culinary Teacher Katie Martin, orchestrated a cooking demonstration class. The collaboration between WHS culinary students and the 1st graders showcased their ability to develop relationships beyond the school environment. Together, they created "smashed potato pizzas" with enthusiasm in just under an hour.

This experience underscores the significance of fostering relationships beyond the classroom, pursuing interests and passions, utilizing technology, and thriving through collaboration. These young learners are taking steps toward being active contributors to their community.

ZCES potato 3
ZCES potato 2
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